When security, safety, and peace of mind is not an option, 

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Our technicians tailor the most cost-effective solutions for your security needs. We provide a full service across system design, installation, and maintenance of your properties Security System.

To experience our teams supportive and professional approach, call or email our friendly staff to get a preliminary quote or set up an appointment for a detailed one.


Services Available

Our tailored solutions enable us to provide Security Systems to a broad range of requests across residential and small-medium commercial & industrial premises.


Access Control


Access Control Systems
Security Doors & Locks
Biometric & Fingerprint
Entrance Face Recognition
Electric Barrier Installation

Access Control Systems give you the power to monitor and control entry to your premises. Our specialist will tailor the most practical and cost-effective access control solutions for private property owners or businesses who want an easily manageable but highly effective access control application.

Video Surveillance

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IP & HD CCTV Installation
Network Cabling Installation
DVR & NVR Recording
CCTV Remote Monitoring
Wireless Systems & Night Vision
Intelligent VMD
Number Plate Recognition
CCTV Analytics

We can provide you with a total CCTV system installation, upgrade or maintenance solution that offers you the required level of protection of your staff, premises, valuables, business or family home and your loved ones.

Alarm Systems

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GPRS monitoring
Proximity Token Control
Wireless and Radio-based Systems
Central Monitoring Station
Integration with your CCTV network

We offer installation of wired or wireless intruder & burglar alarms for commercial or residential security needs and we use the latest intruder alarm technology, which includes GPRS monitoring, proximity token control, wireless and radio-based systems. 
Your alarm system can transmit alarm signals over the mobile data network or can be linked to our central monitoring station and integrated with your CCTV system to enable visual confirmation of any incident.

Smart Home Automation


Central Premises Monitoring

Control of Lighting and Audio

Activation of Equipment

Integration with your CCTV

Regulation of Energy Use

Adjust Dual Aircon

We install and set up access system with a web-based interface for convenient and flexible control of lighting, air-conditioning, tv and many other systems of your household, office or commercial premises.
You can enjoy monitoring of auto-actions and control your appliances from your smartphone or tablet of your household.

Vehicle CCTV


Inside and Outside Vehicle CCTV

CCTV for transport - Logistic, Delivery vans and Buses

CCTV for Taxi, Uber, Ola fleets

A private vehicle CCTV system

We will come to you at a convenient time to install a complete Vehicle CCTV system in a few hours. A DVR will be hidden in your vehicle and there will be no visible cabling. You can choose to install from 1 to 5 cameras covering both, the inside and outside of your vehicle.

Maintenance and Repair Services

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Upgrade Existing Systems


Repair Services

Our team can upgrade an existing system to reduce the costs of replacement of your current system. We also can provide regular maintenance services to your CCTV, Alarm, Access or Smart Home Control Systems (subject to system condition).


If you’re looking for any of the services mentioned above, give us a call, or fill out the contact form and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.

Ask us if we can upgrade your existing system at lower installation cost.


Security Monitoring Services ~  COMING  SOON

  • 24/7 CCTV and Alarm Monitoring

  • Mobile CCTV Monitoring

  • Immediate Alert the Response Team

  • Remote Intruder Warning

  • Alert Notification to Relevant Authorities

We are providing remote CCTV Monitoring and Alarm Response when danger detected and the alarm activates and reacts on signs of movement in a controlled zone. Then our Controllers are able to alert the relevant response team, this is done by either warning off the intruder, calling the fire services or police and notifying the specific owners such as you.


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